Splotches everywhere

Working, sweating disorder

Humans everywhere

Some days it is a nasty feeling. Dried sweat is on you. You have not exercised but you have walked around your office. You have walked so many fucking times. And you have written things and had good conversations and talked to good…

It was around two pm and I was supposed to be at work, but instead I was beside this pond I found not too far away. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t ever seen this pond, since it was so close, and one of few slivers of man-made nature to stumble…

At first I thought “this peace is rare”

But oh — how dare I.

How dare I say that nights like today

Don’t pull me

Snag and snag.

It is I who doesn’t look

Open up listen and yield

The quietness is hollering

While I drown in deaf unconscious.

There is nothing so vital as the breeze’s subtle speak

The noise the noise the noise kills

The punches of the busy crowd are not awakening you, energizing you.

They bruise they bruise they bruise.

And quietness knows no such black and blue

But only white clarity

Invisible fecundity

Ready, animated, gentle, still.

I want to know if I should have said something to my Dad about our dog having cancer when he drove late Sunday night to deliver a dresser he and my Mom bought for me.

I am too old to have my parents buying me things, and yet I have…

Good morning.

It’s been only a few hours since I last wrote here. Less than 12 I think. But let’s not linger on math. Silly.

I am a little upset that I am losing parts of myself that I used to hold so close — bits of my identity. In…

I’ve been mulling over, lately, whether my beliefs about friendships are true. Do I need them at all? Of course we all need friendships. But what I really mean to say is this — I have always struggled with friendships, and I’m really fed up with trying. It does not…

I woke up after dreaming terrible things. More rejection from an old rejection. I asked for two minutes of their time, please, and when they said no I became livid. It was unpleasant. I’m sick of dreaming about these things. But somehow I also know it’s a sign of me…


Jamie walked briskly from the parking lot toward the fluorescent lights and the doors which spread on their own and were practically beckoning. The sky above her was a billowing capsule of smoke — a chrome firmament that whispered of the impending storm. Jamie glanced up before entering the…

Circa 2015

  • Decide to stay in your college town. Job hunt, primarily for more mediocre childcare jobs, this time with double the hours and double the snot.
  • React with sweeping elation and giddy, manic excitement when the cool non-profit from last summer’s interning stint asks you to apply for a…

Shea Diamond

Just a human scrambling around. And sometimes, if I'm lucky and patient and have had the perfect amount of water that day, I write.

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